Sunday, September 14, 2014

My Mother's Camera Addiction

My mom paid for us to get our pictures taken professionally. On our way home, we were trapped by a train, so my mom decided she would pull out her camera and start taking pictures of us. She took a whole bunch of pictures of us. Then, by the time the train left, she was so into it, she didn't want to stop. She even took pictures of us on the train tracks.

Mom wanted a "serious" picture
Then a happy one
This is Ben
And this is me
Here's Elisabeth
And here's all four of us
This all of us, including Robert
This is Leilani
And the adorable Robert
This picture is one of my favorites, especially because his hands weren't even in his pockets. He just stuck them in his pants
This is Elisabeth
Me sitting on train tracks
And walking on train tracks
And posing
And looking down
And jumping!
Ben being.... a ninja?
Robert the cutie

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