Monday, July 22, 2013

Girl's Camp

On Monday, we left for Girl's Camp. I'm a second year, and our YCLs were Anna, Hailey, Julia and Rebecca. The devotional speaker was really good that night. I had a very fitful sleep, though. Tuesday, Shannon (a first year from my ward) and I made a bunch of cool crafts and went to archery. It was fun. That night, we had a pageant, and since my unit was South Africa, we dressed some people in African clothing, and chose some people for the other categories like talent and language. We all got Tiaras, and then we went on hayrides and ate cookies. On Wednesday, we had skit night. Before that, we were preparing for the skits. I was a missionary.  Thursday we had the solo hike and testimony meeting. Afterwards, we had root beer floats. We left on Friday, but it was a really fun week!
My camp

Flag of South Africa

Setting up my tent

Robert playing with a pinecone

Me in my tent

My unit was South Africa

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dance Recital

So, this actually happened the same day as the 5k, but I felt they should be different posts. I was in a tap dance to the song "Mr. Pinstripe Suit".

Me, before
This is the beginning of the dance



Thursday, July 11, 2013

Relief Society 5k

On Saturday the 29th, our stake's Relief Society put on a 5k. We got there at 8:00. Then Mom made me go to the bathroom with her. When we got back, the people who where walking had already left, so she made me run with her to catch up. As soon as my Aunt Tricia came by with the run/walkers, I went to run with her. I stayed with her most of the way, but she finished a bit before me. I did beat my Aunt Kim and my sister, though. They had bananas for us afterward. Hot, sweaty, and hard, but fun!