Sunday, October 26, 2014

Getting Ready for Halloween

Halloween is coming up, and we are just about ready for it! First, we made a whole bunch of milk jug ghosts. You just wash out a milk carton, draw a face on it, and then on Halloween, you cut a hole in the back and put a light in it. (We use strings of Christmas lights.) Here are some of our best creations:

"The Screamer"
"The Pumpkin"
"The Glamorous Cyclops"
"Vampire-Cat Lady Thing"
"The Minion"
Those were mine. I'm pretty proud of them, but everyone else made some too. In fact, Ben made some nice ones, although, I did notice some distinct similarities between his and mine.. But that's okay, I'm glad my work is so inspiring. :)
Both of our "Screamers"
And our "Frankenstein"s. But Ben added a nice touch of nails in the sides.
Our "Pumpkins"
And the minions.
We had a lot of fun making those. But Halloween isn't just decorating. We needed costumes, too! My sister Leilani decided she was going to be Elsa from "Frozen". So, of course she managed to convince me to be Anna. Our Grandma was supposed to make our costumes, because she can make anything with some fabric and a sewing machine. But, unfortunately, she fell on a sidewalk while she was visiting some ladies from our ward. Anyway, she fractured her arm, and has a cast on each arm. She can't even brush her hair, let alone sew two gorgeous costumes for us! So, my mom has been making Leilani's Elsa costume, and I've been making my own costume. Leilani's is going along great, but I'm a little afraid for mine. I had to veer from the pattern because I didn't think the pattern was totally correct in the shaping of the vest. I'm a bit of a perfectionist. Fingers crossed.
 My full costume
 The kids
 Elsa and Anna
They turned out pretty well. 

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